Our Core Business

We provide Alternative Investment Fund solutions and services under the AIFM Directive.

We are a globally operating Alternative Investment Fund Manager with many years of experience in asset management, funds, and banking.

We develop and structure innovative, custom-tailored and cross-border fund concepts and also offer our clients various services as part of a long-term business relationship. We have an investment process in place for the prompt and structured implementation of projects.

In our view, the implementation of a holistic compliance and risk prevention approach is a matter of course - to secure and optimise your investment and to act as a stable service partner operating on a sustainable basis.

As a member of our group, we have direct access to international markets. This is one of our advantages, which we share with our clients.

Our clients value our many years of experience, international orientation, methodological expertise and targeted implementation strength.

Why an Alternative Investment Fund?

The one and only compliant vehicle …

  • within the entire European Economic Area

  • to raise capital

  • from an unlimited number of investors

  • with a view to invest that capital

  • in any type of asset

  • for the benefit of those investors

  • under a defined investment policy.

Addional benefits:

  • enhanced level of safety by regulation;

  • keeping the target asset control;

  • leverage options;

  • EU Passport for marketing activities;

  • tax optimisation;

  • outstanding flexible vehicle.

Alternative Investment Fund’s Specific Purposes:

Primary purposes:

  • raising money for an investment idea;

  • regulated vehicle for unregulated asset providers.

Secondary purposes:

  • wealth structuring;

  • corporate structuring;

  • tax deferral and tax optimisation;

  • preparation of the succession planning;

  • protection against unfriendly take-overs.

Having an Alternative Investment Fund Manager means…



 Why are we a good choice as a Business Partner?