Legal information and investor protection

General information

The website of BENDURA FUND MANAGEMENT BETA AG ("BFMB") contains general information as well as specific data, notes, documents, charts, key figures, etc. on individual funds (hereinafter: information). The website is intended for professional investors to whom distribution is lawful in Liechtenstein and other countries. In particular, it is not intended for persons who are subject to a legal system under which the publication of the information published on the website or access to the website is prohibited.

Information provided by the visitor

Person-specific selling restrictions may apply to the funds published on this website. For this reason, when entering this website, visitors must indicate whether they are a professional client within the meaning of Annex II of Directive 2004/39/EC or a retail investor. Visitors must truthfully indicate the appropriate investor category on their own responsibility. Visitors are also responsible for correctly indicating their domicile before accessing the website. An incorrectly indicated investor category or domicile may result in the disclosure of data and information on funds which are not legally intended for the visitor. The BFMB cannot be held liable for damages incurred by the visitor as a result of incorrect information regarding the investor category or domicile.

The information on funds which is provided to the visitor for inspection on the basis of his or her details is intended exclusively for the category of investor with the specified domicile specified by the visitor.

Visitors to the website must observe the restrictions of the fund providers and the corresponding fund at their own responsibility.

References and links

The website contains links which lead to third party websites. These websites are completely beyond the BFMB's influence. The BFMB merely provides access to these websites, but expressly does not adopt their content as its own. The inclusion of a link to a third-party website does not constitute a recommendation by the BFMB. The owners of these websites are solely responsible for the content of these websites. The BFMB is not liable for the content of such websites or for any offers and services contained therein.