Compliance serves not only to ensure the implementation of legal and regulatory requirements in an international context. Their concerns, framework conditions and processes are independently and continuously scrutinised, potentials identified and implemented, with regular consideration of external factors. This includes the consideration of special features of cross-border commerce.

Compliance provides essential input on process automation and associated documentation, and provides your point of contact if your interests are not sufficiently taken into account.

Dealing with complaints and more

We listen to you and would like to know more. We are not only interested in complaints, but also in your suggestions about our products and services. A database has been developed for recording and implementing, which ensures fast and transparent handling of complaints, damages, and suggestions and directs them to the right places. Of course, we are willing to involve you in the process. Your feedback is important to us.

Here you will find a selection of key points on how we see ourselves:

  • Best execution
  • Complaint management
  • Remuneration policies
  • Exercise of voting rights
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest